For over 30 years, Bill Meyer has transported horses across the U.S. and Canada…without a single injury or illness among his thousands of passengers!

Why? Because Bill cares as much about your horse as you do!

Bill’s trucks and trailers are specially built to provide air-ride comfort and safety. ALL TRANSPORT IS IN BOX STALLS—so your horse is never tied. Horses have freedom of movement, fresh food and water at all times. Bill’s policy includes frequent stops, constant monitoring and care, and 8 to 10 hour layovers in spacious 8X8 or 8X10 stalls. This makes travel safer, and easier on their legs. It ensures that each horse or foal arrives healthy, hydrated, well rested, comfortable and relaxed—whether the journey was across town or across the country.

The value of your horse does not end with it’s purchase price. Consider whether cheap transport is worth the risk of injury, stress related illness or developing a lifetime of bad travel habits.

Ship your horses with someone who cares—

Bill Meyer…available 24/7 at
(612) 750-6778
20494 US Hwy. 377 North, Whitesboro, Texas 76273

Bill Meyer

    • Providing safe, worry-free hauling for show barns and individuals for over 30 years!

    • Emergency and Ambulatory Service Available by special arrangement.

    • No job too big or small!

    • Ambulance service in Twin Cities for the U of M Veterinary Hospital and Stillwater Equine Clinic.

Clients may share expenses with horses going to similar destinations, or choose to travel on their own.

Our equine clients are NEVER transferred to another hauler. We provide safe, reliable door-to-door transportation for each of our equine passengers.

Various cross country and show trailers offer stalls for up to ten horses, with additional space for equipment and feed.

Call to reserve space or the private unit of your choice now!

Bill Meyer (612) 750-6778
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