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Transportation Contract

This contract is entered in this day of   (insert date) between
Bill Meyer dba Carisbrooke Equine Transport, Whitesboro, TX (transporter) and (insert client name),
(insert address) (Owner) for the transportation of (insert horses name, type, gender)
and some equipment from (insert origin address) to (insert destination address),
for the sum of (insert $ amount).

1. Pick-up and Delivery:

Transporter shall pick up horses and any equipment at (insert origin address), and shall transport to
(insert destination address).

2. Travel Time:

The distance is approximately miles. It will take approximately days from to make to . Transporter stops approximately every 2-3 hours to allow the horses to relax and relieve themselves, and each night for 8 to 10 hours to eliminate each days travel stress and fatique.
(insert horses name(s)) shall have feed and water available 24 hours per day, and will not be removed from the trailer or placed in lay-over facilities at any time unless specifically requested by Owner.

3. Fees and Payments:

Transporter is due 50% upon execution of this agreement if paid by check, wire transfer or credit card through PayPal with the remainder to be paid prior to pick-up or upon delivery depending on the location of Owner. (If paid by credit card an additional transaction fee will be charged to cover the fees charged by PayPal.

4. Insurance:

It is the responsibility of Owner to provide insurance (mortality and/or major medical) should they desire to have insurance coverage on the horses during transport.. Transporter does not provide insurance coverage other than gross negligence coverage for horses in transit.

5. Owners requirements:

Owners must provide original coggins test documents current to within 6 months of date of travel, a health certificate current to within 30 days of arrival at destination and a brand inspection travel permit if the origin is a “brand” state.

Agreed to this day of , between: and

Bill Meyer

Carisbrooke Transport

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