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Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for taking such fine care of Phantom on his long trip from Minnesota to northwestern Oregon. I get so nervous about shipping him but you put my mind at ease in so many ways. I appreciate that you didn't mind me calling to check up on him twice a day. You were more prepared than I was for the unexpected cold weather on the trip and loaned him a light blanket to keep warm, which I know he appreciated! Your phone message when you delivered him was so much more informative than just that 'he'd arrived' but told me about his frame of mind in his new surroundings. I didn't even feel the need to call anyone else at his new stables that night to ask about him. I could continue with my own packing and loading for my move across country feeling assured that he was doing fine until I got there. I arrived in Oregon 6 days later and (other than Phantom acting like a drama queen when I first walked in!) he was in perfect condition. I think he was stressing until I got here but he seems calm and happy in his new home now and doesn't even look like he took a long trip!

I will recommend you to everyone. I hope you stay in the horse transport business for a long time, taking wonderful care of sensitive horses and nervous owners. Phantom and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you,
Jeannie Haugen
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I am giving a GLOWING recommendation for Bill Meyer of Carisbrooke Transport. He was wonderful to work with, and in my opinion went above and beyond the call of duty in keeping my horses (2 different trips, one from TX and the other a couple weeks later from CA) at his place and getting the required paperwork done there for me that I needed to get my horses into Canada, where I live. He was always VERY courteous and VERY professional! TWO THUMBS UP for sure!! Highly recommended!

Mona Stone


I want to thank for going above and beyond when you dropped us off in TX. I hope you started feeling better soon.
I will definitely refer you to anyone who is asking for a hauler.

Thanks again


I am so extremely pleased with the service of Carisbrooke Farm Transport and Bill Meyer. Bill was extremely nice and very knowledgeable and experienced around the horses. After a 800 mile trip, my horses stepped off the trailer without a drop of sweat on them, bright-eyed and acting like they'd just stepped out of a fancy stretch-limo! I was worried how stressful the trip would be on the horses, especially the young ones who hadn't traveled far, but Bill took wonderful care of my 9 horses and miniature donkey. I won't use anyone else for my future transportation needs. Thank you, Bill! You have my highest recommendation!

The Koehlers

Paul and I , felt so happy that Bill would keep in touch with us. While he was bringing our 5 horses to Canada. When the horses arrived , after 3 days of traveling , they were calm, and happy, we were delighted with Bill's approach. He was so kind with the horses, and very kind with us as well, very professional.

Thank you Bill for everything you did to make possible this to happen. I'm glad we got to know you and be sure that we will call you and ask your services again.

This was my first time transporting a horse with only the experiences (good and bad) of friends to go on. By my third inquiry I chose to go with Bill Meyer, purely on a gut feeling I got from him through a prompt email reply and then a phone conversation. The best word to describe Bill is 'ACE'! This is a professional with a personal way of doing business the good old fashioned way --- on honesty and integrity. His clean, comfortable and spacious equipment together with his experience and kind, easy-going demeanor clearly ensures a trip that takes 'trouble' right out of the equation for the horse.

I would use Bill again in a heartbeat and will highly recommend him to anyone new who wants a fair price and is concerned about the safety and well being of their horse. Thank you again, Bill, for safely delivering my beautiful Lipizzan mare to Connecticut from Wisconsin!

I hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying the fall leaves changing in some parts of our country.

Very sincerely,

Margaret Kunz

I thought you might like to read the nice things people have been saying about you, they are from the yahoo friesian list. Shea

We had Bill Meyer of Carisbrooke Farms ( haul our 3 yr old from Maryland to NM and our weanling from Ohio to NM in December. The girls rode in a box stall trailer and were very well cared for. They walked off the trailer looking fresh as daisies and that was a very long trip. I can't recommend Bill enough if you have to trust your Friesian to be hauled across the country. Bill has Friesians and understands them. He's who we'll use if we move any of our Friesians across the country.


Camelot Friesians, LLC

Friesians for Enchantment and Sport

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This summer I used Bill Meyer to transport my gelding from Colorado to Pennsylvania for combined driving training, then back again two months later. Eli did great - Bill doesn't tie the horses, Eli was transported loose in a box stall. Eli had to go to a farm in the absolute middle of nowhere in northeast Pennsylvania and Bill got him there safely. For the return trip we had a bit of a scheduling conflict and I checked with several other carriers about shipping my horse home. Bill was the only one who would go there himself, everyone else wanted to have a local hauler pick up Eli and bring him down to a bigger city, since the farm was so far upstate and imbedded in the hills, so I used him both there and back. Bill found the tiny little town of Foxburg and got my horse in and out of there himself. I was very pleased with the level of service and care he gave my horse and would definitely use him again.

I also like that Bill has Friesian horses himself. I felt comfortable with Bill and would certainly use him again. Here is his contact info:
Bill's cell is 612-750-6778

Good luck!
Norma Arcahmbeault

Hi Susan. Welcome! I recommend Bill Meyer of Carisbrooke Friesians and Transport. He has a commercial hauler with big deeply bedded box stalls. There are a number of people on this list who can vouch for him. Congratulations! His number is 612-750-6778.


Re: [Friesians] Recommendations for Transport & Insurance Anyone?

Hi Leslie,

Bill Meyer of Carisbrooke Farm Friesians 612-750-6778 or 651-439-3137. He is a very reliable horse hauler. If you can't get him at one number just try the other. He hauled Liske across country, I very highly recomend him.

And I use Markel Equine Insurance

i can second that! he transported little regine from washington to texas. extremely nice guy, very knowledgeable and i felt very comfortable handing my little girl over to him. gay said that he went out of his way to deliver little regine to her place!

Regine Brockway
JRB Friesians
Enumclaw WA 98022
360.802.9834 home
253.335.9834 cell

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Bill Meyers of Carisbrooke Friesians is a very reliable transporter. He is on the road right now, but if you email me privately I can give you his phone number. He owns a number of stallions himself.


I have used Bill several times myself. He was wonderful with the horses and kept in touch with us so we were always well informed as to where he was.


Ryal Farm
Prior Lake, MN

In a message dated 1/2/2006 5:26:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, greycrest@... writes:
And to add something else: When our gelding came out of quarantine (in Feb.) there was supposed to have been a blanket with him, but if he did have one, it never made it out of quarantine with him. Bill tried very hard to shop on the road for him, but couldn't find one to fit. So......he used his own personal rugs for him. He also arrived in our area very late at night so kept him at his own house until he could deliver him the next day. All way above what he was obligated to do!!!
When he picked up the filly we had just purchased he asked us if we had seen her in person. No.......we bought her from a video.........So, he said then we wouldn't know if he swapped her out for another Friesian and kept her. He certainly helped our nervousness over our unseen purchase!

ROFL .. Loved that story! That is so BILL! He's a great guy! He and Vicki have the stallion I know called "Milan" .. who was in training for several years with a friend of mine here in Florida called "Doina Fischer" (andalusian/lusitano rider/trainer) .. anyhow Milan performed with us at the National Horse Show! He is a beautiful boy!
Bill or Vicki can be reached at 651-439-3197 .. and for hauling you can reach Bill at 612-750-6778 .. those were the last numbers I had for them...

Frieze Frame Friesians

We are very pleased with the professional and friendly interactions that we had with Bill Meyer, arranging for a long-haul, cross-border transport of a Fell Pony yearling filly. We requested a box stall, and the filly traveled comfortably and safely, and arrived at our home relaxed, and peaceful. We would recommend Carisbrooke Transport and Bill Meyer for horse transport without any hesitations at all, and we would be most happy to arrange for Bill to transport our horses in the future, should the need arise.

Thank you Bill...........

Kim Cote

Mountain Spirit Ponies

High River, Alberta

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